T-Rexcavator Dig - Discovery Kids

T-Rexcavator Dig - Discovery Kids
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Product Description

T-Rexcavator lets your imagination soar. Pretend you're a paleontologist on a dig, and you happen to come across the most astounding discovery possible: the skeleton of a T-Rex. Now you must remove each bone from the T-Rexcavator to preserve your find - but if you touch the sides of the pit, you'll hear a deafening roar. Collect the most bones and win the T-Rexcavator game!

Like the popular "Operation" game, the child tries to remove items without sounding the buzzer. In this case, one is removing fossils from a dig site. If your metal extractor touches the sides of the hole, a dinosaur's roar sounds. Children will LOVE the game, and are happy whether they remove the fossil or miss and make the dinosaur roar. Great concept, great fun!

Game Box size: 10.00" x 16.00" inches and includes
- Game board
- 12 Bone Xcavation cards
- 12 Bone game pieces
- 36 Fun dino trivia cards
- Excavation tool
- Instruction manual