Jurassic Park Explorer TV DVD Game

Jurassic Park Explorer TV DVD Game
Item# JP610895

Product Description

Bring your favorite dinosaurs to life with the easy to play Jurassic Park Explorer TV DVD Game! This game features 7 kinds of exciting DVD challenges with over 300 trivia questions. See how much more you can rediscover of the classic dinosaur adventure in this fun and exciting DVD game. Fun for the whole family, you only need a TV, DVD player, and remote control to have your own Jurassic Park adventure. At home or on the road, this is a game you’re sure to play again and again!

Jurassic Park Explorer TV DVD Game works with any standard television, DVD player, and remote control.

Features include:

  • Up to four individual players or teams can play together
  • 3 skill levels are available - and different levels can be chosen for each player/team
  • 7 unique games with 300 fun trivia questions to test your dinosaur smarts
  • New 3-D animation and footage from the three Jurassic Park movies